HAWM, Guildies.

Have been quiet around here, many apologies. I promise this bit of radio silence will be totes worth it in a few weeks. Followers of my or Erica’s various social outlets know what I’m alluding to. The rest of you can revel in the mystery of secrets, or go do some digging around. But in the meantime…

We’ve added a list on the sidebar to your right where you’ll find a perma-list of T and/or my con schedule as it’s being arranged and partied through. As mentioned before, the next one coming up is Intervention: Your online life in person. I promise that it will be such a swell time that you won’t even believe that it’s only the con’s second year. They’re building up huge and fast like an atomic Katamari and I don’t intend to miss a single one. It’s in my home town, it’s on my birthday weekend, and (for my money) all the best partiers in webcomics will be there. You do not want to miss this.

After that is another brand new con (we love supporting new cons!) called Webcomics Con. As far as I know, this is the only con out there that’s focused entirely on Webcomics outside of New England Webcomics Weekend (which we will be attending or die trying). I don’t know what to expect, but with a guest list like this, I expect some unbelievably good times.

And our last stop for 2011 will be the immortal PhilCon, where I continue to enjoy the privilege of being the only man whose name is also a homophone for a convention. It’s chock full of sci-fi/fantasy literature goodness, so all of you folks out there who still read those book thingies will assuredly have a great time. PhilCon is also home to one of the greatest party scenes in all conhood, so come on out if you’re in the Philly/Joisey area and lets make the hotel regret hosting us horrible, horrible nerds each and every year.

I’m absolutely stoked. Stoked, I say. This con 2011 con season will be amazing, and if all goes well, 2012 will be one year-long non-stop con season. We want to get out there and see new cons and places, so if you’re on staff for a convention who wants to see Guilded Age present, shoot an e-mail to glitchphil@gmail.com.