HAWM, Guildies! We’ve got announcements out the wazoo this week and in the coming months. So hold onto your own respective wazoos.

Coming up in September, from the 16th to the 18th is Intervention, the con for your online life… in person! Last year was the first year of Intervention, and even though it had to compete with SPX of all events, it still kicked such supreme amounts of wazoo that I’ll never miss another one if I can help it. It’s run by our super pals Onezumi and Harknell, and they’ve got some amazing guests and sponsors on board this year.

T and I will be there. We will answer questions, sign things, and tell you riddles. And if all goes according to plan, we’ll have something you might be interested in buying from us when you get there.

I’ll give you a hint: It’s a book. OK, that was kind of too hinty but whatever.

Come out to Intervention. This is the con to watch as it grows over the next few years. See amazing Webcomics guests, participate in genuinely informative and fun panels, see the one and only SUPER ART FIGHT and get stupid at the hotel bar with me and dozens of other crazy awesome people.

You need a better reason? Fine. This year’s Intervention is coinciding with my birthday. This means either:

A) Presents for me.
B) Drunken path of destruction from me.
C) Let’s get drunk and buy me presents.

Hope to see you there! We really want you to meet more of you wonderful Guildies in person!