“So, how’s tricks?”

It’s no secret that we push Guilded Age to its limits. We really believe in this little engine that absolutely can and will. And it costs us a significant amount that we’re still happy to pay out of pocket, but until we can get in a position where we don’t have to, we’re limited. We have some very high ambitions for this project that involve multimedia experiences such as more bonus comics, animation, collectibles and games. But in order to do that, we of course need to grow our audience to a truly sustainable point.

“How can me and my huge wads of cash help?”

By visiting the store and buying our products for yourself or friends or family or strangers or anyone, really. Another great way to help is by subscribing to Guilded Age Plus. The more subscribers we get, the more of our production costs are covered, and the more we can do. We work twice as hard to maintain two sites, Plus being one that updates six times a week, and do everything we can to make sure you all feel like you’re getting your money’s worth in the process. Soon we’ll be launching a kickstarter for Volume 2 and other goodies, so that’ll be a big one. And finally, we’ve never done this before, but we’re making a donation button available for those of you that want to contribute in very nonspecific ways that more than likely would go towards funding advertising campaigns, getting us out there and visible.

“I don’t believe in evil mortal constructs such as money, but stil want to help. How can I?”

Straight up word of mouth. Share pages you like on reddit, facebook, or other social platforms. Join our groups on Facebook or Google+. Cosplay as our characters. Draw us guest comics or fan art. Ask review blogs and podcasts to discuss our comic. Anything you can do to help get more people reading the comic is something that would make us eternally grateful and totally unworthy of your awesomeness.