HAWM, Guildies. Who’s ready for another ass-kicking Katsucon?

T and I will be there in full force as per usual we’ll have books and buttons and prints and stickers and I’ll be doing more of my goofy little custom comic book covers and it’ll be a grand ol’ time! We’re gonna have a handful of our T-Shirts left in fewer sizes, and cons are preeeeeeeetty much the only way to get them at this point as we’ve taken them down from our online store since we only have like… 6 or something left.

Anyway, there will also be SUPER ART FIGHT, the greatest live art competition in the known universe! I’ll be doing both the regular and Unleashed shows, if all goes according to plan, but definitely the regular show (which is, of course, anything but). But that Unleashed show (18+ only) will be something special, since the dudes at Cards Against Humanity have given us their official blessing to use their cards to inspire the art! How awesome is that?!

Click the link below to see our schedules if you are so inclined. Hope to see you there! Commenters who identify themselves get superduperextraspecialincrediblyawesomeandmightyhighfives!

Katsucon Schedule

Friday, February 15
2:30pm – Live 1 – VIP Passholder/Guest Meet & Greet
6:00pm – Live 4 – All Webcomic Artists Panel
9:15pm – Super Art Fight Unleashed (18+)

Saturday, February 16
1:00pm – Main Events – Super Art Fight
7:00pm – Live 4 – Guilded Age: The Panel
11:00pm – Live 1 – Guests Uncensored

Not all locations are currently confirmed, so check your programs when you get to the con. See you there!