Play World of Warcraft? Love Guilded Age? Enjoy laid back dungeoneering and roleplaying? Compulsive tradeskilling? Then is the Guild for you!

Guilded Age now has its own official guild on the Steamwheedle Cartel server for the Alliance. We’re open to basically anyone who’s a fan of the comic, a fan of a good arpee, and/or not a douche (sorry, Best). Our RP setting is in Azeroth, not Akrerra (thought we’re not outright opposed to that idea in the future), with the plot hook of attempting to forming a labor union for the adventurers of the Alliance. We’re a new, level 1 guild with four bank tabs and a tabbard, and have a dozen or so people so far. Raiding is basically an inevitability with me and The Indomitable Eric, so we’ll get there when we get there. If you’d like to sign up, track down one of the following toons for a GInvite:

Fnip (Phil, Guild Master)
Bigfrigg (Phil, Officer Alt)
Styrn (Officer)
Shortcloak (Styrn’s Officer Alt)
Hawknote (Officer)
Hawkmorph (Hawknote’s Officer Alt)

Don’t feel like joining the guild proper but want to say hello? Try using our open channel by typing “/join GuildedAge” into your chat window. Admittedly, our conversation happens more in /g than there, but you have the power to make it more lively!

Member Rooster:

Annaki, Arsla, Ciress, Deelienox, Frostbitte, Gendyn, Illjel, Janessah, Kroger, Lupan, Mammalian, Niccolai, Tadzio, Your Toon Here!