(WARNING: If you hate spoilers, you should just start at Chapter 1)

On the continent of Arkerra, two sides of a centuries-brewing conflict are at war: The Kingdom of Gastonia, and the World’s Rebellion (known to their enemies as “The Savage Races”). As Gastonia continues to thrive and develop, stretching their reach over Arkerra and colonizing new lands for human life, the World’s Rebellion feels the encroachment of their rightful domains. In their quest to build the empire, Gastonia has taken many lives… and the World’s Rebellion has taken many in return.

When pirates kidnapped the children of the Heads of Houses, the aristocratic families that govern Gastonia, the Heads hired a handful of adventurers to rescue them. Impressed by the adventurers’ performance, the Heads kept them around as a special team of “Peace-Makers.”

While often sent on diplomatic and reconnaissance missions, as well as some criminal investigations, the adventurers were recruited for their muscle, and are fully aware that such missions can, and often do, turn violent. While some of the Peace-Makers view Gastonia’s policies with a jaundiced eye, all are aware that the Savage Races represent a far greater threat to peace and freedom.

Elsewhere, on Earth, there’s a man. He’s CEO of a major corporation, yet he lives like a hermit. He labors night and day on what seems to be a virtual world, but which he insists has a reality all its own. He claims that he has bridged the gulf between Earth and another realm, that he has successfully interwoven computation and sorcery. He is correct. And his plans have profound and disturbing implications for Gastonia and the Peace-Keepers.

Then again, the Savage Races may just kill them all before it becomes an issue. Silver lining!