Hey there, hi there, ho there, Guildies. Remember our old pals, Cipher Prime? The game studio run by Dain Saint, that dude what wrote our first theme song?

They’re running a kickstarter for their first sequel (to their first game), Auditoium 2: Duet. I can tell you right now, that you want to participate in this fundraiser and get a copy of this game because it’s a real gem. The object of the game is to compose music by directing the flow and direction of particles. A seemingly complex concept on the surface, but once you poke around the game and hear the music, the challenge becomes really rewarding after you complete each stage. The original version of the game is free to play, even!

Participating in this kickstarter will help our friends tremendously, and you’d be getting a great game out of it. Please watch their pitch video, pledge something, and make this thing happen!