This is a sad day for us. Just as we’ve been starting Guilded Age‘s most mind-blowing chapter yet, Erica Henderson has been facing mounting pressure in other areas of her life. And she’s now come to the conclusion she can no longer give her art on Guilded Age the time it deserves.

Phil and I will be soldiering on with a new regular artist. But who?

We are still reviewing applications through the rest of this week. There are already several qualified candidates, but we want to be sure we’ve looked everywhere. If you want to become an artist and full business partner on a well-reviewed fantasy series, with 40,000 visitors and growing, this is a tremendous time to be letting us know. Send notice to and

Next week (Thanksgiving week if you’re in the U.S.), we’ll have a few odds and ends for your entertainment, including Erica’s farewell piece and a couple of surprises.

On November 29, Chapter 8 will resume. And, readers… you really, really don’t want to miss this one.

Erica has brought this series incredible gifts. I’ll miss her, and I know you will too. Thank you in advance for your patience. We won’t let it go unrewarded.