HAWM, Guildies. Our next stop this con season is Webcomics Con in Norwalk, CT! If you’re in the Pennsylyorkticut area, come by and say hello! We’ll have a limited supply of books on hand for the con, so this is your last chance to get one before they start shipping in like a week or two. We’ve also got some panels going, so click below for the schedule!

Hell is other people: collaboration in comics(Saturday 12PM, Meadow Room) Phil, T, Krazy Krow, Yan “Kern” Gagné, Mary Garren, Chris Hastings
A panel on the topic of sharing a creative vision with someone else. Panelists will talk about a few notable creative pairings in the scene and what they’re doing right, the experience of having to share the final edit, and the benefits of having an editor.

Believing in the impossible: the creative process in action(Saturday 6PM, Meadow Room) Phil and T
An examination on the correlation between plausibility in fantasy fiction and popularity. Do people prefer their fantasy realistic and their reality fantastic? And from a creator standpoint, how do you bend the laws of plausibility to sell people on rocket-powered chicken people?

How to put comics on the Internet(Saturday 10AM, Meadow Room) Phil and T
There’s no one way to make a comic strip, but there’s a substantial amount of distribution method that straight up works. This will focus less on the craft of making comics and more on the process of getting them online and some realtalk on expectations for getting started in webcomics on a committed level, using lots of freely available or inexpensive tools.