Hi, it’s me. Your ol’ pal Phil.

Just wanted to point out that we now have a Creator Bios Page, so if you’re curious about the Silly Billies that make this piece of comic for you, you can learn more about them.

Also, we’ve added another space for Project Wonderful for you potential advertisers out there, ripe for the taking. Who’s going to take it first? It could be you!

And finally, we are pleased to announce that our readership has, in fact, doubled over the past month. So we must be doing something right! On behalf of the team, we thank you for your continued patronage, and humbly request that if you love us (and we know you do, baby), you would recommend us to your friends and family for reading. Feel free to use the “Share This!” doodad, as well. It is literally the most helpful thing you could do for us at this stage, and it would be appreciated immensely.


Phil Kahn