So, we have this thing. It’s called Guilded Age Plus. We might have harassed you about it before. Don’t remember what it is? That’s OK, we’ll refresh you:

It’s our subscriber service that updates six times a week. High-resolution pages. Seven full chapters of annotations. Hundreds of art process breakdowns. Dozens of concept designs. Exclusive comics. Unused scripts. Commercial-free.

And we realize that’s not enough for some of you. It’s okay! We understand. But that’s why all subscribers will now also enjoy 25% off all GA merchandise. Forever.

We do this because you’re the best webcomics readers in the whole wide world. None of the content on GAPlus will ever be “required reading.” It’s all supplemental. But through our bonus comics, annotations, and concept designs, you’d be learning a whole hell of a lot more about Arkerra and our characters than we can fit on a comic page. We’d like to do a lot more of these bonus comics, but we’re limited by the need to commission each one. So if we get enough of you subscribing, we could do them more frequently. Perhaps even on a monthly basis. Perhaps even make some available outside GAPlus. And the cost would remain the same to each and every one of you. Just three bucks a month. And you’d already be getting your money’s worth.

So consider the GAPlus program. You get a 200% increase in updates, bonus comics, extra goodies, and you get a discount on all current and future GA Merch. You can’t beat that with a mace.

Thanks, as always, for reading. We’ve got a few more years left, and if I may say so, we’ve only begun to blow your damn mind. Let’s keep this thing going upwards!