HAWM, Guildies. Lots of news today, so strap in.

Chapter 11 begins today, hope you’re excited. We understand that the chapter covers, while great, don’t quite scratch the itch that a full page satisfies. So, we’ve resolved to make it that there will be new free DLC at the beginning of each chapter, with wallpapers and avatars featuring art from the chapter previous! So go check out the DLC section for bunches of new wallpapers and avatars with images from Chapter 10: Second Life. There’s so many wallpapers and avatars now that we’ve even given them their own pages for your convenience!

Side note: Some of the wallpapers were created without the texture layer due to wanton neglect. They have now been fixed. If you’ve downloaded the wallpapers before, get them again for the proper versions.

Moving on, we’re taking a moment to mention that Guilded Age is now an unofficial official sponsor of Nerd Rage, an upcoming Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chip Music Showcase in Philadelphia on June 18th! But we can’t help it along alone. If you’re interested in helping foster a new venue for the complete awesomeness that’s all things Nerdcore, please donate to the Nerd Rage Kickstarter. Free goodies are involved, so your patronage will not go unrewarded. Donation rewards include a copy of Cipher Prime’s Auditorum, Zilla Persona’s album You Wouldn’t Think, the soundtrack to Cipher Prime’s Pulse: Volume 1, Guilded Age stickers, and more! Go to the Kickstarter Page for the full deets, and in the meantime, here’s who you can expect at the first Nerd Rage show:

Dr. Awkward
Zilla Persona
Kris Keyser
Dain Saint – Creator of Guilded Age’s official theme song, Fog of War
King Pheenix
Shammers & Lefthand
Attack Slug

Are you properly enticed? I am properly enticed. Please help make this rad show a reality!