HAWM, Guildies. Chapter 12 is just about halfway done, and we wanted to let you all know in advance that we’ll be taking a short break between chapter 12 and 13, to expand our buffers on all fronts in the face of the approaching convention season. We take this break now to guarantee uninterrupted entertainment later.

That said, we’re opening the call for guest strips to run in that break time! We want them from anyone and everyone, even if you’re one of the awesome and hilarious people who helped us before! Your bits can be anything directly or tangentially related to Guilded Age: a strip or a single piece of art, whatever! We love guest strips and guest art, and we love you guys. So y’know… c’mon… everyone else is doing it, right?

Send all submissions to glitchphil@gmail.com by 9/9/11. The only requirement is that they must be 780 pixels wide. Larger pages will be shrunk to fit or outright denied. And we don’t want to have to deny any of them! With your submission, include the name you want us to use for you, and any links that you wish us to use to plug you rotten. So if you wanna be a Guild superstar, get crackin’, because we can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

As a pair of writers, T and I are always on the lookout for great illustrative talent. So if your strip is particularly impressive, we might offer you paid work on other projects… or maybe even an upcoming bonus story on Guilded Age Plus. Who knows? We won’t… until you show us your mad skills/z.