We want to give a gigantic thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Volume 1 of Guilded Age. More of you came through than we could’ve expected, and we are humbled. But we’ve got all the books now, so pre-orders are off, meaning the free sticker pack is no longer being included in your orders. A bummer, I know, but if you still want a sticker pack they’re only $5 in the store!

We’ve also considered how the support we get from our GAPlus subscribers helped us fund the book, so as a way of giving back to their unintended donations, all Guilded Age Plus subscribers will get a %25 discount to our merch in the store. Keep your eyes peeled on the GAPlus blog and your inboxes, because details are on the way!

And for any of you out there who want to enjoy the same discount our Plussers get, along with now seven chapters full of annotations & art breakdowns, concept art, unused scripts and more… the signup page is thisaway!