HAWM, guildies! Cool news for you today to help accompany the loss of your favorite character:

We have a BRAND NEW BONUS STORY starting today in Guilded Age Plus! It’s called Call of Duty, and it recounts some of the time our favorite field medic spent in the Gastonian military. It was illustrated by Kel McDonald of another wonderful fantasy comic, Sorcery 101, and now is being delivered to those of you who subscribe to Guilded Age Plus. As always, the bonus stories are supplemental, and not essential for enjoying the main plot.

Want to read Call of Duty, four fully annotated chapters with art breakdowns and the concept art gallery? Go sign up for Guilded Age Plus today! There’s tons of content now, and new content is added six days a week! That’s twice as many updates per week as regular Guilded Age!

All the cool kids are doing it. Why aren’t you?