HAWM, Guildies.

Today, we’d like tot take a moment to tell you all about a brand new webcomic by one of our oldest and dopest pals in the scene, Lee Cherolis and his pal Ed Cho. This is one you guys are going to want to jump onto ASAP if you’re fans of Guilded Age. Little Guardians is the story of a village besieged by demons, and the legacy of the Guardian’s role as it passes down to a pair of children. Now they must fulfill their destinies in their own different ways, and somehow manage to do so united. Lee’s art is inherently a treat for the eyes and Ed’s got quite a yarn being spun. We’ve got a bit more inside info about the future of the project and trust us when we say you’ll want to be a part of it from the beginning! Go read the prologue of Little Guardians, available right now at littleguardianscomic.com.

Now. Now. Go NOW.