ComicMix’s Mix March Madness has started, so it’s time to show the rest of the web who the best damn vaguely videogamey fantasy comic taking place during an industrial revolution is! We are in the Simon division, and are contending head to head with the (top) heavy hitter, Wapsi Square! Vote now for assured victory!

Also, comic friend of Guilded Age, ErfWorld, is in the last hours of its Year of the Dwagon Kickstarter. Give it a few more bucks and they’ll develop a create-your-own-board game browser app. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting in on that as soon as it’s available.

Also also, Another comic friend of Guilded Age, Little Guardians, just concluded its first chapter! Way to go, guys!

And finally, it’s that time of year again… You may remember the previous G-Day, in which we unleashes a slew of new site features and updates in one big special hooplah of a day. March 23rd is coming again, and man… have we got some fun surprises waiting for you, our faithful Guildies. Thanks for reading as always, and please tell your friends all about us!