Hey, Guildies. Two things to alleviate confusion and disarray in this, our darkest hour.

1) The Spam Bots are getting smarter. Many of them are merely copying and pasting what you folks have already posted and used that as a vehicle to shill their penis-building body-enlarging wares. Be wary, be vigilant. And remember, If you see something, say something.

2) Where are the comments on pages 22 and 23? I, Phil, am taking full responsibilty on that one. While applying liberal amounts of Science to the aforementioned spam bot situation, I noticed that I completely botched the uploads on those two pages in ways that might not have been visible to you, but were of catastrophic import to me (do me a favor and blame it on the economy, because that’s what I’m doing). In short terms, fixing the problem deleted the comments and I’m super sorry about it. Hopefully the upcoming site redesign will solve many, if not all of our problems like a delicious mandatory content patch update.

As always, thanks for bearing with us through these troubling economic times.