Huzzah! Two very big announcements up in this piece, Guildies.

First off, we will be attending a booth at the first Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Booth #962. If you’re in the Chicago area (and even if you’re not), we’d be delighted to see you there! We promise to answer any questions you have, save the kinds that spoil future stories. You may notice a strikingly similar box on the right hand side there. If you’re going to come, please follow that and register with the Priority Code “WL19X.” That’ll give us a little kickback to offset the cost of the booth, and will show us that you like us, you really, really like us.

That being said, the second bit of info is the fact that we now have the first few pieces of Guilded Age Loot available for pre-order! Check ’em out (click for full-size images).

If I wasn’t already shelling out the Ralds to have them produced, I’d buy them myself! These are pre-orders, and will be shipped out as soon as we have them in late March. All three items are limited edition runs. So if you want to make sure you have your own, go to T’s Store and get on that Paypal action, son. Pre-ordering this stuff will help us figure out how much to make, too, so it’ll be super helpful.

Anyways, Chapter 3 is wrapping up soon, and we’re excited as hell for Chapter 4! Thanks for reading us so far, and in the future.

– Phil