Hey guys. I mentioned the Super Art Fight Kickstarter before, and I’ll be launching the GA Vol 2 KS shortly after that’s over. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you guys a chance to see the pieces that I contributed, both of which are for sale as part of the KS. For those of you who were previously unaware that I do draw, rejoice in my goofy bullshit! And follow me on Tumblr so you don’t miss out on any of said goofy bullshit that will come to pass!

This one is called, for lack of a better title, “Gnomepetto,” showcasing my famous fondness for Gnomes and goofy looking robots. I was originally planning for it to be Black & White only, but Bracco insisted that I add a spot of color and I’m glad for it: I owe it to him for his help in getting over my “fear” of working in color (on the basis that my very minor colorblindness is a hindrance in only this aspect of my life), and ever since then I dove into working with color sans fucks. This took me a couple days to finish, which was neato because I don’t usually allow myself a lot of time to work on a manner of principle. Otherwise, it’s a personal and important piece to me not so much for the content, but for what the project was for and the “Leveling Up” in my Cartoonist Class. If you’re interested, you can see the process breakdown here as well. It’s 11.5″x15.5″, made with pencils pens & Prismas, in glorious full greyscale with spot color, priced at $250, and comes with the Super Art Fight: THE ART BOOK, 6 SAF show poster prints, a KS-exclusive t-shirt, a sticker(!), and your name printed in the book under special thanks. All proceeds go towards publishing the book and funding Super Art Fight’s operations into the future.

This one is called “Fatties vs. Veggies,” and it’s a topic that’s of course very near and dear to my heart. My fellow Art Fighter Erin Laue and I joined forces to create a collaborative piece for the book (I took fatties, she took veggies), and this is far more along the lines of what you would see at a show as well. It’s a whopping 19″x15″ in black and white, and is priced at a mere $350, and it comes with all the same perks and rewards that the other piece does.

Get one or both now! Or just get the book! It’s up to you, but time is running out!