(NOTE: This post’s content is copied from the Kickstarter’s 2nd Update)

Hail, and well met.

So we’re over halfway past the goal, and it’s blowing us away. I, Phil, am crumbling under my own tendencies to make things more stressful than they need to be, which is pointless because you all so clearly have our backs as you always have. I am a fool for ever doubting, we’re well on the way to success, and it’s because of all of you. Some of you are friends, some of you colleagues, some our beloved readers… and many of you came in cold from Kickstarter itself! We’re duly amazed, humbled, and glad you’re taking a chance on us!

We, of course, are not done yet, and still need and appreciate the buzz you can give us. But FIRST. Here’s a couple of fun things for you to chew on in the meantime:

Here’s Kimlinh Tran, the voice of Frigg, recording her audio for our CableACE Award-winning pitch video.

Producer Matt LeBrun (aka AngryBuddha) brought in a plethora of audition reels, including more than a couple women who auditioned for the starring role of Frigg (don’t tell Best I said that). They were all pretty great, and it was really damn hard to choose! In the end, Kimlinh had the energy of someone who is CONSTANTLY READY TO BEAT UP SOME STUPID JERKS AT ALL TIMES YOU HEAR ME HOW ABOUT YOU LETS GO RIGHT NOW, and that’s what I was looking for the most.

We have others lined up to voice our characters, such as the absolutely enchanting Karen Kahler as everyone’s favorite Wood Elf commander, Kon’Kr!

… I am being informed that we actually casted her as Syr’Nj. Yes, I agree, that’s a much better choice and she’ll knock it out of the park.

Karen, you can do two roles, right? Get back to me on that.

Also in our cast is an old friend of mine that, fortunately, I knew before I was positioned to exploit his talent for personal gain, Matt Mercer! Matt’s has one Hell of a career, as you can see on his IMDB page, and is one of the hardest working (and nicest!) voice actors in the biz. When we were in that bar in Marina Del Rey a few years ago, I asked him if he’d be interested in voicing the greatest bard of all time, Payet Best.

He said yes, without hesitation.

Imagine my delight to follow up later and learn that it was no false, drunken promise, and that he’s still on board despite our delays. You’re the man, Matt.

So yes! If you want to see these folks help bring Guilded Age to animated life, then keep on promoting and/or pledging as best you can!

We’re making 5 short animations, or possibly one longer pilot. The pilot was the original plan, and it’s what we have an existing script for, but as it’s 22 minutes long and takes Hella money to make, we’re allowing the flexibility of the animation-end of this project to become several shorts, based on how much money is raised.

So to that end, we should probably make clear: Only the pilot is currently planned to feature all six of the OGs (Original Guildies). Shorts may only feature one or few of them, as you can imagine. So the more animation we get to do, the more characters get to show up!

We’ll tell you more about the voice actors as we progress through the Kickstarter. And next week, we’ll show off what all this Looter’s Choice is about.