Howdy ho, folks. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re pleased to announce that you can now buy a print of any page in our archive, simply by clicking the appropriately labeled icon below it! They’re very high quality, and a prize to own for your personal collection (T and I saw what Erica’s printer could do at C2E2 and we had to re-attach our jaws).

We’re also announcing that stickers have now been cut in price, down to $3 from $5. That’s savings of exactly 40%!

We’re almost out of Volume 0.5s, and as a reminder, they all contain an exclusive Payet Best solo adventure (“The Art of Singlehandedly Crushing a Goblin Mafia Uprising”) that will not be printed in any other book compilation EVER. We’re very serious about this, if you want a printed copy, you will only find it in this book, while supplies last!

We’ve also got some Douche Shirts left as well, and we are definitely running out of some sizes. So get one now, because it’ll be a little while before we print more.

Finally, we have but one humble request of you, our dearest and most non-expendable readers: Tell your friends. Let them know what a dope comic we’re running here, and there’s tons more to come. So please, if you like the comic, tell people about it! Use the Share This tool above or simply shout at them from a distance, however you want to play it.

And above all else, thanks for reading so far, and continuing to read in the future. Really. You guys are the best. Please continue to be awesome.