We’re going to be at the gigantic, sprawling spectacle that is the one and only ConnectiCon this weekend in Hartford, CT! I’m personally super excited to make my triumphant return to this convention after five years, when I hung up my critic hat and vowed never to return until I had something to put on a table.

(And we have several somethings to put on the table. Also available in the Guilded Age Store, of course!)

I’m also super excited to see so many awesome webcomics peeps there, there’s just too many to mention! Come find all of us in Artist Alley. Guilded Age is gonna be at table 19, close to the exit, sandwiched between Hello with Cheese and Super Art Fight. I’ll try to keep the noise down while I huckster, fellas.

Speaking of which, count on me to either kick some ass during a live Super Art Fight bout! I don’t know who my opponent’s gonna be, but it hardly matters. I lay waste to all my enemies rather indiscriminately.

See you there!