This is our final of three add-on offerings for the Guilded Age Volume 2 FRIGGSTARTER! An essential accessory for the Guildie on the go! With a flat knit base and vertical knit ribbing, these tiny gilded bags of holding are capable of storing much more cargo than appearances suggest. Perfect for dice, coins, marbles, or any other bits of pretty from your latest quest, diplomatic venture, or visit to your local game shop.

Due to the insane awesomeness of Guilded Age and YOU, dear reader, all Guilded Bags™ are uniquely hand made by Samantha Kyle of Queen Tangerine, the very same creator of the Frigg Charms! Each bag sports golden cord with jeweled pulls, a hand painted golden GA tag, and care instructions. (The bag is photographed holding approximately 70 dice)

The Guilded Bags™, like the Frigg Charm and Byron Poster, are available only through the FRIGGSTARTER. Add just $20 to your pledge, and we’ll send you one of these limited edition Guilded Bags™! Backers of $250 or more will automatically receive a Guilded Bag™
of their own!

Grab yours before time runs out!