We’re past $15k (again) and we’re in the home stretch! You all have done so much to help us already, and we’ve already reached all the goals we set out to accomplish! But we’ve got a bit of time left, and with your help we can give you EVEN MOOOOOOOORE.

By and large, money past $15k will go towards cost-covering, fee-recouping, and paying people who willingly worked on our projects for free. But, of course, we are certifiably INSANE and insist on making these tiers produce more rewards for you guys as well!

Tell me, are you ready?


We’ll hire Adam Warrock to produce a Guilded Age rap song to be played during the animation’s credits, 90’s summer blockbuster style! In addition, T and I will each write a short story on a subject chosen by you, the backers. You want to hear a tale of Byron’s youth? Want to know how the Heads of Houses came to be? The creationist mythology of the Tectonican Shaman? Sky’s the limit!


We’ll produce a 12-page bonus comic starring the character(s) of the backers’ choosing, to be displayed on the main Guilded Age site as well as Guilded Age Plus (with commentary and process pages, too!)


We will update Guilded Age SIX times a week with a new Saturday feature, “Ask An Adventurer,” where Guilded Age characters will answer questions asked by you, the readers!


We said $30,000 before… but fuck it! We will produce a 24-page illustrated eBook for all backers entitled “Byron the Berskerker’s Guide to Efficient Ass-Kickery,” a handy-dandy handbook to help you survive any desperate adventuring peril!


We will do the unthinkable and bypass our next Kickstarter utterly to produce GUILDED AGE VOLUME 3 immediately after Volume 2 comes back from the printers! And all backers who pledge $65 or more will receive a copy if we make it there!

Like I said before. We’re happy. Impressed. Pleased. Blessed. You guys did it, you got the book an the animations, just as we’d hoped. Now’s your chance to ramp up the awesomeness of the FRIGGSTARTER and produce EVEN MORE CONTENT for Guilded Age readers of all types!

And that’s not all! We’ve also SLASHED PRICES on our highest-end tiers! The Best Special is now $650 (down from $1,000) and the HOLY SHIT special is now $3,000, down from $10,000! Hopefully some of you are interested in upgrading further, now that the prices have been lowered dramatically! And don’t forget the add-ons!

So please, consider availing yourself of some of our add-on rewards, the new lower-cost tiers, and tell all your friends to pitch in.


Thanks for everything, Guildies. See you on Monday, the final day.

– Phil