We’ve gotten some requests to extend the deadline for Guest Week 2011. And since we ended up extending the start of Guest Week with our previous and upcoming Special Monday Events, we shall grant the aforementioned wish.

The deadline is now 9/16/11. That’s a whole ‘nother week. If you were reluctant to participate or ran out of time, here is your window of opportunity. Also, why did no one point out that I said 2012?

I am a fool.

Once more, with feeling:

– 780px wide max. If you go wider, we’ll have to shrink it.
– Anything GA-related is fair game for the topic, but we warn you that if your strip is too close to something we’re already doing we might have to reject it. Nothing personal!
– Include the name you prefer to be identified by and the URL(s) for whatever you want to promote.

And for those of you coming to Small Press Expo this weekend, come find us for free crap and high fives!