Are you going to Intervention next weekend, September 16-18? No? Why not? Consider the following:

1) Both T Campbell and I will be there, along with an unbelievable slew of other amazing people.
2) Rob Balder and I will be combining our forces for the ultimate room party on Saturday, which happens to coincide with the anniversary of 26th year.
3) We will have copies of Guilded Age Volume 1 available for purchase.
4) It is swiftly becoming the raddest con on the eastern seaboard and you would be able to say “I attended Intervention while it was still totally underground.”

If that hasn’t properly enticed you I don’t know what will. Come out to Intervention: Your Online Life, in Person!

If you are coming, or just idly curious, click through to see our panel schedule.

Click the names of our fellow panelists to see their awesome comics!

Worldbuilding 101 (3PM Friday, Panels Room 2) – T & Phil, Chezhnian Angelus & Erin Fitzgerald, Danny Valentini.

Creative Marketing 101 (5PM Friday, Panels Room 1) – T, John Lotshaw, Bill Holbrook.

First Time’s Not the Charm (7PM Friday, Panels Room 2) – Phil, Steve Napierski, Jamie Noguchi, Ross Nover, Garth Graham.

How to be cool on the INTERNET (9PM Friday, Panels Room 2) – Phil, Becky Harks, Ken West.

There Is A Line – Handling potentially offensive topics in webcomics (18+, 9PM Friday, Panels Room 1) – T, Travis Surber, Ben Kahan, Mike Hall & Ryan Thomspson, Eric Kimball.

Webcomics Improv (12PM Sunday, Large Panels Room) – Phil, Jeffrey Wells, Mona Carol, Eric Kimball, J-F Bibeau.