HAWM, Guildies. Coming to Katsucon? Want to see us? We have all these details for you beneath the cut!

Opening Ceremonies (Friday 4:30-5:30PM, Main Events) – Phil was asked to speak during the opening ceremonies. Watch him make them viagra online canada pharmacy regret it!

Worldbuilding 101 (Saturday 12:00-1:00PM, Workshops) – To paraphrase Carl Sagan: if you want tell a story from scratch, you must first invent a universe. What points of detail are the most crucial to consider when developing a believable fictional/fantasy universe? We’ll share with you what we’ve learned from years of practice and give you some distinct points and questions to consider before you begin.

Webcomics Unite (Sunday 11:00AM-12:00PM, Live 2) – To combat Earth’s mightiest villains, the webcomics artists here at Katsucon have banded together. However, due to Earth’s badly polluted atmosphere, their powers can only sustain them for sixty minutes. Go, webcomic artists! Fight in the name of love and justice!

Guilded Age: The Panel! (Sunday 3:00PM-4:00PM, Live 4) – This is a panel for the fans to Q&A with Phil Kahn and T Campbell, co-writers and co-creators of Guilded Age, the saga of the working class adventurer. Come learn every- thing you ever wanted to know that they’re willing to tell you: the untold secrets of Arkerran Lore, the inspirations behind the heroes, and how to not get sick of puns.

Also, we’re probably going to go to these things:

Super Art Fight: Unleashed! (18+, Saturday 12:15-2:15AM, Live 1) – You’ve seen Iron Artist. You love Super Art Fight. Now see what happens when the rule book gets thrown out. Pre- pare your eyes (and your therapists) for anything.

Allkore Riot Kontol Live (Saturday Night, the Rave) – Allkore is finally hosting their first live event at Katsucon’s Saturday night rave! Featuring some of our best talent from the US and UK, you won’t want to miss this event!