HAWM, Guildies! Aching for a chance to meet Phil & T on the eastern seaboard? Well it just got a lot easier with our new updated con schedule. Read more under the cut.

The Mighty Mighty Monthly Philly Comic-Con & Toy Show (Philly, PA 2/5 Monthly) – So there’s a comic shop across the Delaware called Frankenstein Comics, and the first Sunday of February is the pilot attempt at a brand new monthly comics and toy show with an emphasis on showcasing local talent, free admission, and feel-good times for comics fan all over the area. All of these points are extremely relevant to my interests, and so they have my axe. Come see me (sans T, since it’s a single-day show) and a bunch of peeps from my oft-neglected local cartoonist club, The Philly Comix Jam. It’ll be free and fun, what more could you ask for?

KatsuCon 18 (National Harbor, MD 2/17-2/19) – Our first big show for 2012, KatsuCon and the wonderful staffers that operate it have taken us on as featured guests alongside the likes of Danielle Corsetto, Randy Milholland, Onezumi & Harknell, Chris Flick, and Garth Graham. I’ve never been to KatsuCon before, but my friends always tell me how much fun it is so I can’t wait to get blackout drunk engage in intellectual media discussion with my fellow fan. Also, Super Art Fight is going to be there and that is simply a show you cannot miss. We’re thrilled to be a part of it, and it’ll be the first time you’ll be able to pick up our brand new posters and buttons. Guilded Age cosplayers get free swag!

RavenCon (Richmond, VA 4/13-4/15) – I have more than a few friends that regularly attend/run RavenCon, and for a few years yet they’ve been asking me to come out to the show and I’ve never been available. Well we’ve got news for you this time, peeps: We’re making time for RavenCon, and I’m hype to finally see this show. It’s still a little while out, so the guest list is being filled. But Super Art Figher and Cartoonist of Steel Brian Prindiville is going to be there, and we’ll be taking arm-wrestle challenges for as long as there are puny weaklings to be crushed under our combined might. What do you mean tag team arm wrestling isn’t a thing? Well… we’re making it a thing. Come out to RavenCon for a weekend chock full of Sci-Fi/Fantasy fun!

Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD 9/15 & 9/16) – Big things come in small… press expos. Either way, this show has been on my wishlist for several years now, and we managed to register while the registration’s good instead of drop the ball like usual. I can’t even start listing the hundreds of amazing cartoonists that’ll be there, but you can add us to the list! Come see the biggest indie show on the eastern seaboard. We may even have Volume 2 ready for you by then!

Intervention 2012 (Rockville, MD 9/21 – 9/23) – We’ve got a pretty exciting schedule this year with some big shows, and yet there isn’t a single one I look more forward to than Intervention. And not just because it’s in my home town around my birthday (a perfect storm of party hard), but because Onezumi and Harknell have demonstrably committed to putting on a fun, welcoming, inclusive show that’s so much fun and filled with so many of my favorite webcomics people… and they treat each and every one of us like a total rock star for no other reason than the fact that they’re the dopest hosts you could hope for. Come to Intervention. See what the hype is about. Leave with a big, stupid grin on your face.