Heyo, Guildies! Forgive us for arresting control of the main comic space for promoting the Kickstarter once more. I promise that this is the second to last time it will happen (last time will be on the final day, as you might expect).

We’ve got 10 days remaining on the KS, so we wanted to remind you guys of what kinds of rewards you’ll receive for getting us another $2,000. Not only will we produce five shorts or a full-length pilot, but we’ll also saddle you up with a REAL ACTUAL BOOKMARK and SKETCHIES: THE COMPLETE EBOOK COLLECTION! How’s that for fine rewards, eh?

“But Phil, I’ve already pledged! What more can I do?”

First of all, thank you. There’s never enough times we can say that. You’ve already done something! So thank you!

Secondly, there’s plenty you can do! Tell your friends about the FRIGGSTARTER via social networks like Twitter or Facebook, or just call them up at home and scream until they open their wallets! That’s what I do at conventions, and it seems to work for me.

We’ve also got ADD-ON REWARDS that will be exclusive to this Kickstarter! These Dice Bags, Byron Prints, and Frigg Charms are limited-window-of-opportunity items, you can only get them through this Kickstarter!


Since many of you are confused by how it works, and have asked, I will explain: The way it works is that you make a pledge, and then you hit the “Manage My Pledge” button to increase it. Or, if you haven’t pledged yet, just make sure you pledge the total of the tier you want plus the add-on cost. After the Kickstarter is done, the surveys will be sent out, and you’ll inform us what add-ons you wanted!

After we get to $15k, we’ll show off the third stretch goals which include extra comics on the site, short stories, and more!