Chapter 1: Five For Fighting

The one where you find out what everybody’s deal is.

Chapter 2: Not To Reason Why

The one where you find out how everybody meets each other.

Chapter 3: Looking For Soup

The one where everyone goes adventuring together for the first time.

Chapter 4: Role Initiative

The one where they finish their first quest together.

Chapter 5: Party Planning

The one where the real fifth member shows up.

Chapter 6: War Bonds

The one where they finally come together and become a real group.

Chapter 7: Diplomacy Checks

The one where they get the job done.

Chapter 8: Races Against Time

The one where the battle lines are drawn.

Chapter 9: Metagaming

The one where the real villain shows up.

Chapter 10: Second Life

The one where they take a good hard look at their lives.

Chapter 11: Mirror’s Edge

The one where heroes find their way.

Chapter 12: Interactivity

The one where the world comes to call.

Chapter 13: Into the Deep

The one where they call forth what lies beneath.

Chapter 14: Emulators

The one where secrets become unburied.

Chapter 15: Highs, Scores

The one where they clear the air.

Chapter 16: Game Plans

The one where they fight for their rites.

Chapter 17: Bull’s Eye

The one where trials make error.

Chapter 18: Lifepoint

The one where life is stolen.

Chapter 19: Fallout

The one with great responsibility.

Chapter 20: Stepping Up

The one where they find value.

Chapter 21: Natural One

The one where they’re buried under their work.

Chapter 22: Universal Evil

The one where the races of Arkerra unite.

Chapter 23: Civilization

The one in a state of panic.

Chapter 24: Stepping Up

The one where the battle gets legal.

Chapter 25: Development Cycles

The one where secrets are kept.

Chapter 26: Heartless

The one where sisters do it for themselves.

Chapter 27: Conference

The one with a meeting of the minds.

Chapter 28: League of Legends

The one where they are the champions.

Chapter 29: Modern Warfare

The one with a meeting of the minds.

Chapter 30: Area Of Effect

The one where strength is tested.

Chapter 31: Cave Story

The one with madness’ method.

Chapter 32: Cult Following

The one they planned for.

Chapter 33: Cross Platform

The one where they divide and conquer.

Chapter 34: Sleeping Dogs

The one where the past comes back again.

Chapter 35: Enemy Unknown

The one where they go to pieces.

Chapter 36: Enemy Within

The one where madness grips the heart of man.

Breaking Bread With The Enemy

The one with enemies and allies.

Axemas Special 2012

How the Bandit Stole Axemas.

Axemas Special 2013

T’was The Night After Axemas.

Axemas Special 2014

Have Yourself A Merry Little Axemas.

Guilded Age Short Story 1

Mental Health Day.

Legends In A Hidden Temple

Guest Art by Joe Hunter.

Guest Comics

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