Chapter 1: Five For Fighting

The one where you find out what everybody’s deal is.

Chapter 2: Not To Reason Why

The one where you find out how everybody meets each other.

Chapter 3: Looking For Soup

The one where everyone goes adventuring together for the first time.

Chapter 4: Role Initiative

The one where they finish their first quest together.

Chapter 5: Party Planning

The one where the real fifth member shows up.

Chapter 6: War Bonds

The one where they finally come together and become a real group.

Chapter 7: Diplomacy Checks

The one where they get the job done.

Chapter 8: Races Against Time

The one where the battle lines are drawn.

Chapter 9: Metagaming

The one where the real villain shows up.

Chapter 10: Second Life

The one where they take a good hard look at their lives.

Chapter 11: Mirror’s Edge

The one where heroes find their way.

Chapter 12: Interactivity

The one where the world comes to call.

Chapter 13: Into the Deep

The one where they call forth what lies beneath.

Chapter 14: Emulators

The one where secrets become unburied.

Chapter 15: Highs, Scores

The one where they clear the air.

Chapter 16: Game Plans

The one where they fight for their rites.

Chapter 17: Bull’s Eye

The one where trials make error.

Chapter 18: Lifepoint

The one where life is stolen.

Chapter 19: Fallout

The one with great responsibility.

Chapter 20: Stepping Up

The one where they find value.

Chapter 21: Natural One

The one where they’re buried under their work.

Chapter 22: Universal Evil

The one where the races of Arkerra unite.

Chapter 23: Civilization

The one in a state of panic.

Chapter 24: Stepping Up

The one where the battle gets legal.

Chapter 25: Development Cycles

The one where secrets are kept.

Chapter 26: Heartless

The one where sisters do it for themselves.

Chapter 27: Conference

The one with a meeting of the minds.

Chapter 28: League of Legends

The one where they are the champions.

Chapter 29: Conference

The one with a meeting of the minds.

Chapter 30: Modern Warfare

The one where strength is tested.

Chapter 31: Cave Story

The one with madness’ method.

Chapter 32: Cult Following

The one they planned for.

Chapter 33: Cross Platform

The one where they divide and conquer.

Chapter 34: Sleeping Dogs

The one where the past comes back again.

Chapter 35: Enemy Unknown

The one where they go to pieces.