Ardaic’s description of astrology is probably kinder than mine would have been, though I do smile good-naturedly and play along whenever somebody brings up my horoscope. At least my close friends and close family don’t take it too seriously. Outside of those situations, I vacillate between thinking astrology is a goofy, harmless hobby and considering it just one more flavor of the lies I despise. Lies trampling on scientific and verifiable truth, brainwashing a country I love and people I love within it.

If I were in charge of Google, you’d get some very different results if you searched for “my horoscope” on there, results that urged you (nicely) to give up mythological thinking before you started buying into the next QAnon. I know I know, not everyone who seeks out constellations’ advice is going to go that way. I should really just relax and let people enjoy things, but… (sigh)

And tarot, don’t get me started… no, no, let’s end this more pleasantly.

Ardaic actually drops a huge revelation into his account here. Apparently Gastonians have not been part of their current land since time immemorial: at some point in the historical record, they ventured here from some other place. Sorta like Americans, but unlike Americans, they didn’t seem to maintain any ties with the land they left behind. Several explanations are possible for that. But I like the theory that something… happened to the pre-Gastonians who didn’t go on the voyage so that by the time Gastonians navigated back to the land of their forefathers, there was nothing to return to. Kinda like the Lost Colony in reverse. A mystery for adventurers to unravel after the series finale, maybe.