This was a fair question, especially since we’d designed Bandit to be the most conventionally attractive of our heroes, though since we applied “but gnomish” to that description, we were always playing around with different forms of femininity, and maybe trying to encourage broader standards of beauty.

Not that Flo and I spent much time, when writing the series, thinking about what was eye candy for us. Except a little fan-service here and there, we spent most of our time seeing through the characters’ eyes, not simply looking them over. But we knew how important first visual impressions were in cartooning, and we coded Bandit as someone who seemed likely to attract a partner. We hinted that one or two of her gnomish colleagues had crushes on her, which would overcome both the objections she brings up here. Yet of the non-monk Peacemakers, she’s the only one who never got with anybody, at least not in time for her last in-comic appearance.

I think the last panel’s a hint to why that is. Bandit has such powerful issues with social acceptance. She’s grateful beyond measure to be accepted by the Peacemakers, yet afraid she will lose that acceptance, and she’s aware that such paranoia might be what poisons her relations with the others, but that may not be enough to save her, and sometimes it makes her more nervous… you get the picture. Apply those issues to a relationship context, and yikes. Even if she and one of her fellow odd cogs start meshing their gears at some point in the future, I think it’d be hard for her to go the distance. I mean, I wish her luck… but she’d definitely need it.