This is pretty revealing, not only because of what it says about gnome beliefs themselves, but because of what it says about gnomes’ relations with other species. They’re always trying to make things work together, and so they’re very easy to get along with as long as you’re not making aggressive moves against them. That’s why they’re Gastonia’s longest-lasting and most trusted allies, but they could’ve had similar relations with most races, in some other scenario where the geography was different. They’ll have little trouble assimilating into a more pluralistic society, when the time comes.

Benignly passing out fliers didn’t seem to be quite the style of the Sisterhood of the Bloodshot Eyeball, so for the example on panel 4, Flo created a separate group. Possibly another offshoot of the Eyeballs like Rachel’s Sisterhood of the Unyielding Open Heart. At any rate, reader Kennerly promptly named it the Order of the Triangle in a Circle in a Square, which amused Flo to no end.

Tyler was a friend of mine when I resided in Norfolk and tried to keep up with the local cartooning community. We haven’t kept up much, but a quick Facebook check says that like me, he’s moved closer to DC and seems to be doing okay.