I knew that this feature was answering questions entirely submitted from real readers (with one or two loopholes), but I wasn’t sure at first that Frigg was really getting as much horny-on-main mail as the last couple of strips have said. Phil verified, however, that if anything, “propositioned” was an understatement.

Byron and Syr’Nj have very few sexual hangups when it’s just the two of them. They’re just not very comfortable fielding questions from others about their sex life or related topics, and they probably never will be. Even Frigg usually leaves the topic alone.

My headcanon is that it’s not impossible, but it is more difficult than it is between humans and other, less plantlike elfin races. After the series’ conclusion, Fr’Nj and Scipio will prove that. Byron and Syr’Nj will not conceive naturally but will one day adopt the children of fallen adventurers, after Byron’s duties recede but before Syr’Nj becomes high elder. All this is improv, though, and not to be considered official canon.