I was a little flummoxed by this one until I saw the alt text. Yeah, Gravedust is trying to give you a straight answer, Lydnon, but he’s a bit more concerned with the artistry and philosophy of his life and others’ deaths.

A more straight-up explanation, I think, is that yes, the spirit’s energy definitely empowers the arrow. What Gravedust does with arrows is not replicable with mere stone and wood, no matter how strong his bow arm is (although it is very, very strong).

But Gravedust’s point about “destiny” is also important. The empowered arrows work because Gravedust uses them to finish the unfinished business that keeps their souls from rest. So he uses the arrow empowered by Von Carnaj’s victims to kill him, and uses the arrow empowered by a long-ignored grave-guard to grant him the importance that eluded him in life. As these two examples show, there are many ways to bring closure to a life’s story.