Merry Christmas, have some body horror!

Mixing the myths of Theseus and Prometheus is an interesting choice here!

Comment from MDude: “Would make sense… for a half-cow man to eat grass instead of meat, but maybe living on an improper diet is what makes them crazy in the first place?”

From Nemui:

A minotaur there was, a mino-tower!
All black and horny, his demeanor sour
“Come on,” they said, “don’t be so dour.”
“Dour?” he said, “I’m a minotaur”
“All black and horny, my demeanor sour.”

And down the road to Baphomet’s Tower
A maiden he met, his passion’s flower
So pure and fair in her final hour
For such a maid he would devour

And chain to a wall and gnaw her legs off and wait for them to regrow like a troll’s would. But they never did.

The end.