John and Jason were often nearly silent partners in Guilded Age, and to some degree that was probably for the best. As, er, vocal as Flo and I could be about all aspects of the series, we benefited a lot from working with a couple of pros who were just like, “Okay, let us know when you agree on the goals and we’ll execute them accordingly.” Working with a highly opinionated and vocal pair of artists would probably have created a too-many-cooks situation in the long run.

Still, we got self-conscious about it now and again, so I definitely understand why Flo wanted to cap this series off with a little spotlight on Jason and John and their personalities. I think the most revealing thing about it is the modified photography Jason used to render himself. For all the skill he and John have in stylizing reality, if you ask them to show themselves, they generally do so warts and all.

It’s funny to go back to the days when we were all kind of waiting and seeing about J.J. Abrams’ first Star Wars movie (which I think many would consider a success) and not even thinking about his second (which was, erm, more controversial). I think Flo may’ve had a falling out with Marvel’s main universe (Earth-616) since this story came out, but I still generally appreciate it, so I’ll let the alt text stand. And speaking of controversial works…

Tomorrow and for the next five days: a giant wall of text, just what webcomics readers can’t get enough of, right? Well, still love this one for the most part, so you guys’ll just have to suffer.