This is a refreshing look at a side of Syr’Nj and Fr’Nj’s dynamic that we didn’t get to see very much otherwise! Some readers thought we were seeing the influence of Fr’Nj hanging out with the team’s more impish members (whom I guess would be Bandit and sometimes Rachel, because Frigg still doesn’t and never will like her that much).

I think this is more the pleasure of reverting to your younger self around those who know you best: even though Fr’Nj is all “ha ha you’re an old lady now,” this seems like a snapshot of how they might’ve acted after Syr’Nj had outgrown certain childish things and Fr’Nj was still reveling in them. Some of you with family bonds like this will know what I’m talking about.

Normally, the weight of both their responsibilities prevents this kind of play. As with Penk, being outside of continuity means Fr’Nj doesn’t have to worry about how others might see her.

(Naror’Nj and Faereksch’Nj are not credited  ’cause that’s not them in panels 3 and 4. Syr’Nj was never blonde, even as a baby, and she doesn’t think of her own experiences when she’s talking about generalities.)