HAWM, Guildies. We needed to take a break in updates today in order to get stupid drunk down at the tavern in celebration. But that’s for something completely unrelated, I assure you. Certainly nothing that involves secret illegal hermit crab racing circuits.

So this achievement is for you guys.

So when I say “You did it,” I want you to understand:

You did it.

Getting the funding together for printing Volume 2 is something that, realistically, we probably would not have been able to accomplish without all of you, right here, right now. I know I’m talking as if the book’s already printed, but I am not counting my chickens before they’re hatched. I merely wish to assure you: Our work is not done yet. We’ve got lots more we want to do, things we can do with the continued help of all of you, and as luck would have it… most of that stuff is centered entirely the fuck around giving you more rewards!

To that end, I will offer some deeper explanation of the stretch goals and associated rewards, as outlined above. BEHOLD:

$11,000 – This tier will fund the first animated short, roughly 4 minutes and change in running time. Now we sat there and looked at this animation production, free to the viewing public and HD-downloadable to backers… and we thought, “Gosh. We’re just not giving enough away.” So if we get to $11k, we will send every backer an autographed thank-you postcard, signed by me, T, John and Jason.

$12,000 – Getting the pledge level to this point will net 8+ minutes of animation, a pack of exclusive desktop wallpapers will be sent to all backers, which will of course include one made of the celebratory image you see above!

$13,000 – Bestowing upon us the power of $13,000 American Dollars will not only get everyone 15 minutes of animation, but also T Campbell, the Crossword Puzzle Master Himself, will create a set of 5 crossword puzzles for all backers download and print out at home!

$14,000 – Lifting us up to the 14th Kilometer (work with me here) will accumulate 19 action-packed minutes of animation, and all backers who are getting books will receive a Guilded Age Bookmark to use with the very book they have funded! It’ll look something like this:


$15,000 – This is the level at which we will be able to produce a full 24-minute animated pilot, or 5 shorts depending on your favor. In addition, all backers will receive the Sketchies eBook Collection!


Did you know that Guilded Age is not the first collaboration between T and I? Back in 2008, we tried our hand at a comic about sequential arts students at university, titled “Sketchies.” We are, eternally, men of metafascinations and criticism, and so we combined our powers to create this comic with artists Ryan Estrada, Edward J Grug III, and Jason Sigala, telling stories of a bunch of social idiots forced to co-habitate the same creative space and not kill eachother doing so. Obviously our interest in group dynamics started here, with a party of art students. So if we get all the animation allotment out of this Kickstarter, then we’ll celebrate by giving you all the complete run of this probably-never-to-be-completed series, eight chapters, in eBook form.

The comic resumes tomorrow, thanks for indulging us this day of promotion and thank yous, and we hope that by now we have given new incentive to those of you who were on the fence about getting in on the action.

To everyone reading this, thank you for reading. Thank you for pledging. Thank you for supporting Guilded Age.