This “issue” came out two months late, since we didn’t really want to interrupt Chapter 48…so it’s a fall pictorial instead of a swimsuit issue. Which is just as well, since Flo, the Waltrips, and I wouldn’t be very plausible as swimsuit models, anyway. And it would’ve felt especially awkward to render Erica in one without her involvement…we’d probably just leave her out in that case, which would be a shame as well.

We didn’t have a lot of other cover ideas left at this point. What were the alternatives: Heads of Houses? Cultists in cutoff hoods? Cyberians? Still, if we’d somehow done a ninth one of these, it might’ve been fun to do a post-unification beach scene, with the various races that had once been at war frolicking together.

I think we saved the best fake article title for last, here.

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