I do like Weezie’s proactive attitude toward prophecy, at least in theory. I don’t think too many people have resorted to just Craigslisting a want ad, plugging in the traits that the Holy Scripture says the Messiah will have, and then getting all verklempt when somebody who meets the description actually shows up. As long as all you’re advertising is some minimum-wage job, you can probably keep the charlatans away. But the other drawbacks of this approach will make themselves clear soon enough.

Take a good look at pre-prophecy Best here, I mean, really, check this out. Dude doesn’t even think he’s handsome, and the way he says “music isn’t paying the bills,” he probably doesn’t think much of his own talent right now, either.

In the original script, Best’s section came last. Structurally, it’s the biggest surprise, as up to now, we’ve seen the backstories of the fighting five who faced off against Morbundi in the opening section. But who’s this guy? Is he somehow… going to turn into Bandit?