I guess Frigg’s going through some changes, having gotten exactly what she wanted in terms of fighting Byron when he was “good and pissed off” and then traumatized by not only losing a battle but having her own armor turned into the thing that killed her (or, if you prefer, an inescapable trap in which the arrows finished her off).

On the other hand, she did show Syr’Nj some slight consideration by using the handle of her mace instead of the more obvious means of getting Syr out of the way. So she loves fighting anything anywhere anytime ever a bit less than she used to, but there are other warm feelings replacing that… very slowly.

Mighty Morphine Lowers Danger.

We VERY briefly considered doing some kind of fake update for April Fool’s, when this one originally ran, but I’ve never been super into that kind of narrative derailment for its own sake.