Now it becomes clear why we needed to establish earlier that Syr’Nj was on her last potion. Yes, too bad we can’t resolve this crisis by giving the Berserker a shot of gummibeary juice, sending him bouncing around the room, heading to the next room and just waiting the Madness out. I mean, the Madness does wear off sooner or later, as evidenced by the fact that Byron hasn’t already killed everyone in the world.

On the other hand, a berserker literally bouncing off the walls might be more dangerous, not less.

I’m vamping a little, but there ain’t too much to say here. There was the usual, expected reader conflict over whether and how much to start liking Best for saving Byron and even addressing him with respect when it matters most. I’m more inclined to like him for the look he’s giving in panel 1, when no eyes are on him. There it is, the Basin of Destiny. He’s about to justify his own faith, about to prove to everyone that he’s worthy. Soon, Mom. Soon.