I can’t see any circumstances in which our heroes would let Best die for anything he’s done here. Syr’Nj may be trying to forbid this, but that’s her concern for Byron talking: she’d be doing it herself if it were just her and Best. That’s one of the things that makes heroes heroes.

Not that Byron feels all that awesome or heroic here; he just feels like he’s better than Best, which is a pretty low bar as far as he’s concerned. He’d have to do it even if he didn’t owe Best for soothing the berserker, on top of the debt they all just paid by getting Best to the basin.

I like that Byron at least knows to grab Best’s wrist AND let Best grab his. It’s better than normal insurance against a wardrobe malfunction or muscle failure mooting the rescue attempt, though as you can see, it’s not foolproof.