It’s interesting to think about giving a memorial speech to the departed as if they were still alive but just going. Syr’Nj can’t know if Best can hear her or if he’ll even be alive at the end of her words, but such speeches are often really to provide closure for those left behind. Still, the group has more evidence than we do of an afterlife.

The group kept her promise, by the way, though it was the publication of Gravedust’s “My Travels” that really solidified the record of Best’s history with the group for future generations.

There are things Byron could add to Syr’Nj’s talk here (“just as we began to truly know what a tool he was”), which explains his awkward look in panel 2. But he respects Syr’Nj far too much to flout her authority by doing so.

Cut dialogue:
Frigg: Just curious: if she’d told him he sucked, would we have had another restless spirit as fuel for your arrowbooms?
Gravedust: Provoking Best into haunting us would seem unwise.