Wellp, glad that resurrection question is all settled then. On to the next thing!

This is one of Guilded Age‘s most ambiguous scenes, and I’m not sure even Phil and I saw it in the same way. Is Bandit shooting straight with Syr’Nj here? Regardless of whether she is or not, does Syr’Nj really believe her? And regardless of that, does the hypothesis of Harky’s homeopathically healing hemoglobin hold water?

Complicating this further is the mystery of Arkerra’s nature and the degree to which HR and the Kingdoms of Arkerra game are interfering with it. You can imagine Chrissie (or Jeremy), Bandit’s player, staring in puzzlement at just how intensely her character was being questioned about her resurrection. It’s just an MMORPG, as far as any player knows. People rez all the time, right?

Had we gone another way with the story so that Bandit was still with the group when they first met HR, maybe HR would’ve brought up Bandit’s improbable resurrection as evidence for his view of Arkerra as “his creation.” As it was, this ended up being the only explanation for Bandit’s return that really counted, so it became canon by default.