I tweaked the alt text, but I do like “Everyone Hates Byron”: it really puts a bow on Byron’s situation in this chapter. Of course, Syr’Nj isn’t being as hard on him as it looks, most of the newbies and Gravedust just aren’t paying attention, and what matters most is how much he hates himself. But why split hairs? We’ve already split whole BODIES, after all.

I do regret that we didn’t show a little bit more of Bandit’s relation with Ardaic and how she handled things when she feared she was the sole survivor of Souff Kural. A law-and-order guy like Ardaic would always be a bit uneasy coordinating with someone who had “Bandit” in her name, but he would value the information she brought back, as well as the initiative she showed in replacing her fallen comrades. Ardaic had already thrown his weight behind working with adventurers, so he could probably adjust. In for a saph, in for a rald.

There’s the Bandit button, panel 3! We’re 7 out of 12 now!