Phil accidentally lettered this page a little bigger than usual. No real reason.

Changing Basher to Hewie pays off a little in panel 1. Bandit has to overcome a small flash of PTSD as she goes up against an ax-wielder for the first time since she more or less died.

Originally, I had more of an “it takes a thief to catch a thief” idea here. I meant Bandit to realize from this conversation that the weaponeers were hiding out in the darkest underbelly of Gnometown, the same places she herself used to live, but Phil was like, isn’t an adventurer’s bar ALREADY pretty seedy and likely in the bad part of town, or as much of a “bad part” as Gnometown has? Maybe Bandit used to be a regular at Kepfer’s bar. Maybe Kepfer is so angry with Bandit partly because he was one of the last to give her a chance, and then look what she did.