First panel description: “Largish wide panel. Sitting beside a twisty, character-filled tree in the surrounding yard of the Guild Hall are Frigg and Gravedust, resting in the midday sun. Frigg lays on her back with her arms folded behind her head, lazily chewing on a piece of straw in her civvies in an almost Tom Sawyer-like fashion. Not a fuck to give, not a care in the world, the perfect nap-lie conditions besides her trusty Dwarf.

“Gravedust sits with his legs crossed as he scratches away on parchment, writing in his journal. It’s been a while since we saw it, it’s likely been a while since he had the time to sit and write so. He wears robes different from his usual attire, something more Gastonian-looking (and in his size), but still fitting his trademark modesty all the same. A guy can’t wear the same fucking robe every Goddamned day, can he?”

Unless he’s E-Merl. Or, well, most of our cast most of the time. Nice try, T, but occasional flashes of fashion sense were pretty much the best we could do.